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Introducing TS Industrie

TS Industrie is one of the largest European manufactures of wood chippers and shredders and offers a wide range of machines that allow you an ecological and economic management of your pruning and cutting waste. With a professional chipper shredder from TS Industrie, plants and branch cuttings are no longer waste.

Whatever your needs, thanks to a wide range of models, TS Industrie can offer you the most suitable model for your business whether that’s the management of urban green spaces, landscaper, tree surgeon or farmer.

The range of multi-vegetation chipper-shredders of TS Industrie gives versatility, flexibility and efficiency in all your cutting and pruning activities, while professional chippers allow you to chip branches from even larger diameter trees. TS Industrie machines are mobile with purpose-built trailers or fitted on tractors with PTO.

TS Industrie shredders are equipped with either the patented mixed rotor, ideal for composting process, mulching or BRF or a cutting disc system to achieve woodchips for central heating systems.

Thanks to the extent of the product range, TS Industrie are able to meet almost every customer need while providing additional comfort with features such as noise dampening and wider hoppers. To protect our environment TS Industrie have also developed solutions that reduce exhaust emissions with its CO2 Reduction System, and it recommends the use of bio-lubricants. As the fibrous element of the wood is weakened in the shredding process these quickly decompose in the environment providing valuable nutrients to the soil.

TS Industrie have invested heavily in an integrated design office, high-tech automated machinery, high-quality welding, a specialised workforce, rigorous quality controls, all of which means it can guarantee its chipper-shredders for 3 years.


Green Series Shredders are a range of all-purpose and efficient towed shredders (PTO model also available). Branches, shrubs, hedges and green material no longer constitute waste, thanks to the patented mixed rotor that combines blades and hammers achieving great results.

- Six-fold reduction in volume
- Compared with a simple rotor with hammers, the additional blades achieve great results
- The additional hammers are used to shred the green material, thereby ensuring longer lasting blades
- Versatile machines for arborists, landscape gardeners and groundwork professionals


Wood Series Chippers which come equipped with cutting disc technology to ensure an even chip size and offer a range of powerful and robust towed and PTO chippers perfectly adapted to pruning activities. TS Industrie chippers allow you to chip branches up to a diameter of 23cm with a very high yield, and to obtain perfectly shaped wood chips to use as cover or fuel.

- Two fully adjustable blades
- Cutting disc for up to 23cm material
- Perfectly sized wood chips


With TS Industrie there is a solution for any shredding or chipping requirement.

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