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Why should I buy a remote control mower & what are my best options?

Why should I buy a remote control mower & what are my best options?

Why should I buy a remote control mower & what are my best options?

Remote Control Mower handsetSometimes having the flexibility to switch your mower into a remote control mower would certainly help and speed up the job in hand. There are also many times when making a decision on what equipment you need for different tasks where there is a compromise on specification, performance and in this case, simply if it will even do the job.

This blog targets bank work and clearance work as this is a niche job and many people are unsure of what machine to use and a remote control mower could well be the answer.

The top points to consider are:

  1. How steep are the banks you want to work on?
  2. What material do you need to go through?
  3. Does it need to take multiple attachments?
  4. Does it need to be on wheels or tracked for traction or ground pressure?

Types of user

Ride-on MowerIf you are a high end contractor and find yourself in many different scenarios then most suited to your needs is a remote control mower that has multiple uses. For example the on-tracks Crawler from German manufacturer Koppl which can navigate slopes up to 55 degrees and has over 15 attachments offering a solution to many tasks.

If, however you are located on a single site with a few steep slopes up to 40 degrees then you would be best looking towards a machine such as the AS940 Sherpa RC from AS Motor. This is an extremely cost effective remote control mower with the ability to convert to a ride-on mower when the application suits. This flexibility means you can clear flat areas much quicker. Once in any unsafe area or perhaps extremely dense undergrowth, the operator can send the machine in on remote control, minimising any danger.

There is quite a wide spectrum of pricing between remote control mower solutions, if you are clearing a 20 degree bank full of brambles, a robust brushcutter like the AS 940 RC would be a perfect solution. If, however you have a 50 degree wet bank you would be incredibly pleased in this application to have spent the extra money on a Koppl Crawler.

Over recent years technological advancements have continued to develop and the remote control functionality of both of these remote control mowers offer a solution with an impressive operating range of 300m ensuring the operator can be comfortable in the operation whilst in remote control mode.

Specific machines for specific tasks

Ride-on remote control mower

The AS Motor AS 940 RC brush cutter is the only ride on and remote control mower and as such is a very popular choice for a wide range of customers including those maintaining reservoirs. This is mainly because there is the capability to ride the machine to the reservoir (often this is a fair distance) and it has a rotary blade which is great for grass cutting (flail mowers also tend to leave more mess). It is also a four wheeled machine which also helps to protect the grass as opposed to tracks which tend to tear the grass and leave a trail.

This machine is also popular with housing associations, this is down to them needing the clearance ability as opposed to slope cutting performance. Due to the AS 940 Remote Control Mower being extremely cost effective it is a great solution.

walk-behind remote control mowerWalk-behind remote control mower

Moving onto a tracked remote control mower such as the Koppl Crawler which are popular with customers such as motorway embankment services and forestry/woodland applications given their unique stability and variety of attachments. The Koppl Crawler remote control mower is extremely compact, manoeuvrable and predestined for work on slopes as well as in difficult to reach places.

The Crawler’s high gradeability and load-bearing capacity also allow it to be used for steep slopes up to a slope angle of 120%.


Remote control mowers are a great mowing solution. Which type, really depends on the overall application where a remote control mower often is more cost effective in the long run; offering greater flexibility in different areas and helps to ensure the operators safety by allowing the remote control mower to be operated from a safe distance ie the top / bottom of an embankment.

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