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Weed Removal Without Chemicals

Weed Removal Without Chemicals

Weed removal is an important task for local authorities, service providers and private homeowners alike and often causes a headache to remove both efficiently and cost effectively.

Weeds sprout up along kerbstones and inbetween the gaps of paved areas and require attention several times a year. However the use of plant protection agents such as glyphosate is becoming more regulated and is only permitted in certain areas (for good reason as herbicides can harmful to the environment even when applied correctly).

The Reliable Solution

Chemical free mechanical weed brushes for example those available from innovative manufacturers such as AS Motor and Koppl.

What are Mechanical Weed Brushes?

This highly effective method of weed removal provides a professional alternative solution to controlling unwanted weed growth using a patented oscillating brush system for perfect contact pressure removing the weeds. Mechanical weed removal is both a practical and an environmentally responsible alternative to herbicides and makes regular maintenance simple, effective and stress free.

How does a Weed Brush work?

Mechanical weed brushes eliminate the need for plant protection agents/chemicals (which sometimes have lingering effects on the environment), by removing weeds and uncontrolled growth with the oscillating brush system. When set correctly they clean perfectly along kerb stones, edges and walls, and remove weeds from joints and between stones and they can even be used on car parks and terraces. There is also an added application for a mechanical weed brush, they can be used in winter as an effortless solution for clearing compacted snow and ice.

The simple and most effective solution

The AS 30 WeedHex is a lightweight (35kg), agile (exceptionally well-balanced) and versatile (three different head choices) mechanical weed remover with easy handling. The angle of the weed brush can be adjusted via individually height-adjustable wheels, enabling weed removal at low positions such as water channels and manhole inlets.

The AS 30 Weedhex has a reduced brush speed of only 600 revolutions per minute and protective cloth flap which enables safe work with minimal risk of stone ejection or dust. The engine/brush gear reduction more than doubles torque, resulting in significantly more brush force for stubborn weeds. Marble and wood terraces can be safely worked with light pressure from above, by gently pushing the AS 30 WeedHex over sensitive surfaces.

There are three heads available:

  1. Steel braid head this has less throw and more contact points and so is better for car parks, ice removal and moss.
  2. Pro HD Replaceable bristle head for path restatements (knocking back the weeds to reveal path edge) and more stubborn weeds. There are less contact points and so lighter to use and ‘chops’ at the weeds removing them more aggressively.
  3. Nylon Head for ornamental stone, astroturf tennis courts and cricket wickets.


A more versatile but expensive option

The Koppl System is very different from the AS Motor WeedHex. This is a hydrostatic self-propelled drive machine which lends itself to all day use or if there are miles of kerb work. The Koppl has twist grip cruise control technology, hydro steering, rapid head change and more importantly can be used for other tasks such as mowing, flailing, gritting, snow ploughing, spraying, stone burying and many more. In fact, Koppl has more attachment head possibilities than any other manufacturer.

Koppl have five models starting from the entry level Compact Easy at 6hp going up the Taurus at 23hp. Depending upon what the operator or contractor are trying to achieve there is a Koppl solution for every problem.

Koppl also have three heads for their weed clearing systems:

  1. Full bristle head for general weed use, moss, kerb sides.
  2. Plait Brush used for more stubborn weeds and path reinstatements.
  3. Nylon head used for ornamental stone, astro turf tennis courts and cricket wickets.


Battery Powered Technology

As with many types of machinery, more and more users are looking towards battery powered technology. The AS 30 E-WeedHex from AS Motor is a high performing battery powered model with a 82V, 5Ah lithium battery, which is ideal for use in noise sensitive environments. It’s quiet, offers low vibrations and is without exhaust fumes whilst delivering the same high performing results as the standard model.

Koppl offer the ‘Compact Easy E-Drive’. This is a copy of their ‘Compact Easy’ 6hp but powered by a 48 volt, 40Ah battery. This is an extremely versatile machine as you would expect from Koppl. Attachments available for this are, weed ripper, sweeper, snowplough, gritter and sprayer. 


Access and loading

Mechanical weed brushes can also be transported from site to site with ease as they fit into most vans and can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily. The AS 30 WeedHex is 35kg making it light enough to lift into a van, whereas the Koppl is self-propelled and so can be driven safely in with the use of fold away ramps.


In summary

Mechanical chemical free weed rippers are more environmentally friendly that herbicides.

If the operator is looking at purely weed free solutions, a light machine, entry level cost base (under £1500.00) then the AS Motor 30 WeedHex is the solution. However, if the operator requires one machine to also sweep, grit, flail, cut and there is a need for all-day use, then the Koppl will be the correct option.

Koppls weed clearing solution is actually classed as a two wheel tractor with a weed removing attachment. You can read more on the PSD blog if you have been wondering whether a two wheel tractor is right for you:


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