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Have you considered a two-wheel tractor?

Have you considered a two-wheel tractor?

Is a 2-wheel tractor right for me?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to cultivate a vegetable patch, or a landscaper expanding your services, a two-wheeled tractor might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Two-wheel tractors are powerful, versatile, pedestrian machines which will power implements and accessories for a whole range of jobs. Depending on which model you choose, they are like a Swiss Army Knife with the one power unit handling a multitude of tasks such as rotavating, ploughing, seed bed preparation, mowing, weed clearing, sweeping, and many other tasks with ease.

There are a wide range of two wheel tractors on the market ranging in size, horsepower  and complexity from inexpensive simple machines to large complex machines with sophisticated systems to ease operation and deal with the most demanding of conditions such as extreme steep slopes or uneven ground.

Key Feature

The key feature of any two-wheel tractor is their versatility as they are designed and manufactured to provide solutions for many different tasks, and they can be an extremely cost-efficient alternative to owning a fleet of specialist machines.

Using one of these machines should allow the owner to operate his business with fewer machines in his fleet resulting in lower capital investment in equipment and reduced maintenance costs. After-all why would you buy different machines for many seasonal jobs when one power unit can complete any task simply by changing the implement attached.

For example:-  sometimes a conventional commercial walk behind mower just isn’t up to the job as the either the ground conditions are too steep or the grass is too long, or perhaps you want to cut the grass at the base of the plant and collect it for use as animal feed; in this case a more specialist solution is required.


To further improve the versatility of these machines manufacturers such as multi award winning German manufacturer Koppl have developed several innovations to further enhance the ergonomics and functionality of the machine. These include:

  • Turnaround Active Handles – That allow the machine controls to operate with exactly the same functionality whether using the machine forwards or backwards.
  • Adjustable Axles with self-balancing – That allow the machine to optimise the axle position with the implement and so maintain the best centre of gravity for safe and easy operation.
  • Hook flange systems -That allow for Quick and easy attachment of heavy implements that are brought closer to the machine and lock into the correct position as if by themselves
  • Hill spike Wheels- That provide the most important thing when working on steep slopes – stability and safety.

Buying into a fully interchangeable two-wheeled tractor system with the necessary implements will revolutionise your operations by minimising the need multiple machines, and their associated capital, storage, servicing and maintenance costs, not to mention the reduced transport load of getting all the necessary machines to site.

Seasonal Options

Throughout the seasons you need to undertake many differing tasks and the viability of a two-wheel tractor depends on having solutions available to achieve these.

 For ground preparation and soil tillage there are attachments to plough, rotavate, clear stones and stumps and then prepare a seedbed for growing a crop.

For mowing machines it’s important to consider both the frequency of cutting, the finish required and what you intend to do with the cut material this will determine whether you require a rotary mower, brush cutter, flail mower or a cutterbar mower where the grass is cut by reciprocating blades that cut the grass at full length as well as minimising the impact on insect and small animals living in the grass.

For the clearance of weeds and debris brushes and sweepers are available and for work in the winter in light snow the sweeper can be used to clear pathways and carparks while for heavier snow fall ploughs and snow blowers are also available.

Matching the Power Unit to the job in hand

There are a wide range of power units ensuring no matter the scale of the job, there is a solution.

For lighter work such as weed clearing, blowing and snow clearing, a smaller unit such as the Koppl Hydro Compact Easy, with its space saving design, is a flexible and convenient unit for all professional needs and multi-season use will meet your needs. If you are maintaining artificial turf then there is also a range of attachments specifically for synthetic Groundscare, including various sweepers and brushes.


For heavier clearance work and mowing including on steep slopes, a larger more powerful power unit is required such as the Koppl Compact Light and Compact Comfort models which offer strong powerful units designed to withstand the rigours of the day to day use of the professional user.

In the event of heavy and intensive landscaping applications including stone burial, the Luchs Hydro two wheeled tractor is the ideal solution with its powerful, narrow design which delivers outstanding manoeuvrability and flexibility.

Is the area being worked on unsuitable for a walk-behind machine?

Sometimes its unsafe for an operator to work in certain conditions such as steep slopes, in heavy dense brambles or around wasp nests. In this instance the ideal solution is a machine with remote-control functionality. The NEW Koppl Taurus is a versatile machine with this option that allows the operator to work as normal or switch to remote-control mode as conditions dictate. These high performing two wheeled tractor power units offer a high performing, robust solution for use in tough working conditions and areas that are difficult to access and extremely easy and comfortable to operate.


If you are considering the purchase of a two-wheel tractor it’s as simple as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1.Choose the power unit, making sure you have sufficient power to undertake the job in hand and the most suitable tyre options.

2. Chose the implement(s) for the jobs you are looking to undertake and if necessary, ask for a demonstration to check this for yourself.

3.Get working and enjoy the benefits of using a professional two-wheeled tractor.

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