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Have you considered a Mulching Mower?

Have you considered a Mulching Mower?

Mulching mowers help you attain a lush, green and healthy lawn quickly

The current trend in lawnmowing is mulching instead of collecting. Working without a collection bag saves time and money, as mulch provides a continuous, natural fertilising method. In addition, the sustainable layer of nutrients protects the lawn from drying out and the effects of heavy rain. More and more professional and modern lawn care services trust mulching mowers for a perfect lawn.

How does mulching work?

The mulching blade cleanly cuts high grass and simultaneously generates an airflow that uniformly whirls the cuttings in the mulching unit. The mulching blade’s multiple cutting edges chop and mulch the grass several times. The tiny grass particles then disappear into the turf, forming a layer of natural fertiliser. Mulching is sustainable and saves time.

How to mulch correctly

For optimum results, mow your lawn every 10-14 days and mow in dry conditions. The golden rule is mow a maximum of a 1/3 of the grass length. For overgrown lawns, mowing is recommended in 2 stages. The first pass at the highest level (80-90mm) and the second pass at a medium level (50-70mm). Where the grass is particularly dense and thick, mow the area slowly. Also always mow counter clockwise from the outside to the inside.

The advantages of mulching at a glance:

Time savings of 30% are possible with modern mulching mowers
Up to two tons of grass cuttings accumulate on a 1,000 m² lawn area every year. These cuttings must then be disposed of. Spare yourself not just the cost of this process but up to 30% more time by mulching rather than collection bag mowing.

Mulch mowing is fertilising naturally – less consumption of fertiliser
Fertilise less frequently and with lower costs. The fine mulch continues to fertilise naturally, supplying the lawn with nutrients over a longer period of time.

Fresh, healthy green – for a perfect ornamental lawn
A fine layer of mulch protects the soil from drying out, so that even in hot summer periods the lawn does not become spotty.

Easily mulch tall grass up to 20 cm high
Depending on the model, AS-Motor’s mulching mowers effortlessly mulch grass up to 20 cm high. This means you can mow less often.

E-Battery Mulch Mowers – Looking after our environment

Innovative manufacturers such as award winning AS Motor have a range of high performing battery powered mulchers that complement their 4-stroke,  2-stroke range. The professional mulching mowers are available with Lithium-ion (battery) technology that offers a proven reliable and rugged design with a perfect mulch finish.

The battery powered models offer the same outstanding results as the standard mulchers but are ideal in noise sensitive areas due to their quiet operation. Additionally, they also offer incredibly low vibrations, are lower weight and are emission free.

Did you know? On a lawn size of approx. 1000m2 up to 2 tons of cuttings can  accumulate per year. Proper disposal can be expensive yet mulching saves you time and money. What’s not to love about mulch mowing.

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