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The benefits of a 2 Stroke Engine in a Mower

The benefits of a 2 Stroke Engine in a Mower

When deciding on your mower you may well be undecided whether you need a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine, or you may even be unaware of the benefits of a 2 stroke engine.

Engines have changed and developed over recent decades, but the two main gasoline powered combustion engine designs are still with us -  2 Stroke and 4 Stroke. While you've probably heard both terms before, are you aware of the difference between them and the fact that a 2 Stroke engine can be more useful in a mower?

Two-stroke engines make one rotation for every explosion, whereas a four-stroke engine makes two rotations for every explosion. Two-stroke engines have the fuel and oil pre-mixed, therefore you don't have an oil inlet on the machine plus you only need to buy one type of fuel.

Award winning AS Motor manufacture the only 2 stroke mowers currently available in the European market place. Because AS Motor manufacture their own engines, they fit their 2 stroke engines with a catalytic converter, to make sure that emissions are well within regulations. (This is something other engine manufacturers can’t or won’t do). 


Most modern commercial mower engines operate around the 5hp range. The German self-made AS Motor 2 stroke engine can generate over 6.5hp which is on average 20% more powerful than most commercial mowers. That extra 20% can come in very handy if the frequency of mowing has to decrease (sometimes due to budget constraints) as its likely you won't have to reduce forward speed as much as you would have to with a normal mower. Over time this will save on labour rates as its large areas can be cut in a shorter time period or mowing can be done over longer periods with a 3.5L tank on board (less refills required.)

Fuel Mix

AS Motor 2 stroke engines use the same fuel mix as many other two stroke machines. Green Stihl oil can be used (probably the most common oil) which is mixed at the same 50:1 ratio helping to make sure there are no mistakes when filling up brushcutter or mowers.

Mowing on Slopes

The Biggest benefit of the two stroke mower is that working on slopes does not affect the mower as the oil is mixed in with the fuel. If a normal four stroke machine works on a slope over 15 degrees, the engine usually does not get enough oil splash to cool it down within the normal required parameters. This is due to the fact that oil is separate in a four stroke engines and relies on the pistons splashing oil around the system to cool it. If this is not achieved (because of the angle of the mower), the engine can overheat and cause permanent damage to the engine. This won't be covered under warranty by any manufacturer due to misuse.


The two stroke mower can be stored upright so long as the fuel tap and breather nipple are closed. This helps for cleaning, maintenance and storage. This can be done as oil can't flood other areas of the engine causing damage as there is no oil sump.


The AS motor engine self-governs its revs. This means that when the mower is cutting shorter grass it uses less revs (power) and fuel with reduced emissions. As the mower goes through longer more difficult grass the motor governs itself up, increasing the revs of the engine to cope with the added demand. This saves on fuel cost, noise, emissions and Hand Arm Vibrations.

2 Stroke Mowers in the AS Motor Range:

AS Motor use this engine on their AS510 2T Mulching Mowers, AS531 2T cut and collect mower, AS63 2T Professional Brushcutter and AS65 2T Commerical Brushcutter

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