Tractor mounted PTO Wood chipper

PSD Groundscare supply an extensive range of PTO driven wood chippers which are made in Germany by TS Industrie. This includes machines that can cope with a range of material from 15cm to 23cm diameter. Our PTO wood chippers are available for all sizes of tractor from 25hp upwards and depending on the model requested, will have 540 or 1000 RPM PTO speed requirement. These PTO driven wood chipper machines bring efficiency, flexibility and versatility and they can be mounted onto a tractor easily. Also the 20-23cm models are offered with an optional turntable ensuring you can easily adjust the feeding hopper for the best position for loading your PTO wood chipper.

Tried and tested cutting disc technology is featured in the TS Industrie PTO Wood chippers. These PTO driven wood chippers create perfectly shredded wood chips which can be used as ground cover, mulch or even burnt as bio-fuel. The cutting disc is designed so the chipper blades adjust up to the counter edge, increasing the time between blade sharpening.

With a PTO Wood Chipper from TS Industrie, tree cuttings and even branches no longer constitute waste, but actually can be a useful bi-product. The TS Industrie range of commercial PTO Wood chippers enable you to manage woodland pruning and cutting waste in an ecological and economical way.

These PSD Groundscare PTO driven wood chippers from TS Industrie are built for many types of consumer including foresters, landscape contractors, arborists or local authorities to provide an affordable means of processing tree prunings and branches.

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