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Remote Control Mowers

Do you have a specific need for a remote control mower? Are you trying to mow areas that are difficult to access?

High-grass, steep slope, difficult terrain!

Too often there are difficult to reach areas that require mowing but are very unpleasant or unsafe for the operator. Such environments include steep ground, loose substrate, mowing under trees and shrubbery, along hedge rows, through stinging nettles, high grass and even areas around wasp nests. However, there is a solution, a remote controlled mower.

The specialist job of mowing on steep and difficult terrain has always been a challenge for the machine operator, with their safety a primary concern. The AS Motor AS 940 4WD remote control mower has been specifically developed for this demanding application. It is the world’s first ride-on mower that can easily and quickly convert from a ride-on brushcutter into a remote control mower.

It offers a 90cm cutting deck, with a 27hp Briggs & Stratton engine, 4wd, limited-slip differential and a cross blade and the AS 940 remote control mower mows with ease dense, high grass and undergrowth up to 1.5m in height on terrain where other mowers would have been forced to give up.

The main remote-controlled mower functions include:

  • Professional remote control unit with 300m range
  • Adjustment of the cutting height
  • Engine on/off function
  • Mower deck on-off switch
  • Steering via remote control
  • Maximum incline transverse to the slope in remote control operation 33° (ride-on operation 21°)
  • Emergency stop of the machine

The AS 940 remote control mower really does have it all. It will cut through tall high grass and brush with ease. This remote control mower is very unique, it is the only ride on mower that can be swapped into remote control mode. A major benefit of having the option to swap is productivity. On an open area like an overgrown field, it is far quicker for the operator to mow sitting on the seat as a ride-on mower as they will be able to drive more accurately and at a better pace, however the great advantage of the changeable control is when cutting an open area and then move into a dangerous area or difficult to reach area is the ability to  quickly change into the remote control mower mode which only takes approx 30 seconds to convert.

Mowing via remote control also has an additional advantage in that the operator is at a safe distance from exposure to noise and fumes. The remote control unit is easy to access and is conveniently housed under the steering wheel for ride-on operation.

The AS 940 remote control mower is part of the popular Sherpa range of mowers which all feature a surfing mower deck which allows the deck to follow uneven terrain and help prevent the blades contacting the ground.

Some of the applications that may benefit from a remote control mower include:

  • Surveying – clearing around power lines etc
  • Vineyards
  • Christmas tree growing
  • Reservoir maintenance
  • Council clearance work
  • Housing association
  • Farmer – Clearing bracken to help with single farm payment.
  • Wildlife trust
  • Holiday park
  • Contractor

The AS Motor AS 940 remote control mower is an incredibly capable machine if you have a problem with very steep slopes in potentially dangerous or unpleasant areas. With its incredible capability it really is the go to mower for many. Given the extra cost required on alternate machines that often do not offer any more productivity or reliability, the robust AS 940 remote control mower may just be what you’re looking for.

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