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Introducing AS Motor

AS Motor have over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing professional mowers suitable for high grass and mowing on steep slopes, together with a range of professional lawnmowers and high-performance mulch mowers.  In addition they also offer a range of chemical free weed brushes and are trusted by landscaping professionals the world over.

Their comprehensive range of quality machines offers solutions for local authorities, landscapers, groundskeeping, contractors and private users to help create the perfect landscape.

So, if you need to deal with long grass mowing, mowing steep slopes or unknown areas, the AS Motor range of Brushcutters and Flail mowers have the solution for you, including the AS940RC remote control mower.

For lawns mowers and mulchers, the AS Motor professional lawn mower and its range of professional mulching mowers are the ideal solutions whether you want to use a grass collection mower or prefer the more environmentally friendly mulching mower which is now available as an electric battery powered mulcher.

Removing weeds from paths without chemicals has never been easier with the AS Motor range of weedbrushes which are available with conventional 4 stoke engines or as a battery powered machines.



The AS Motor Product Range

AS Allmäher® - Ride-on and Pedestrian Brushcutters

Allmäher® – in simple terms means Brushcutter. An Allmäher® is specifically made for use in tough conditions, passing through difficult areas with extremely dense growth, slopes and rough terrain whilst still manoeuvring effortlessly around obstacles and trees.


There are an extensive range of pedestrian machines available or if you’re looking for something a little bit larger, take a look at the AS Ride-On Allmäher® mowers. Whether mowing large areas, scrub, undergrowth or grass heights of up to 1.50 m, these ride-on mowers can handle it. If the terrain is steep, you will be well-served by our all-wheel drive models.


The Allmäher range includes nine machines suitable from domestic applications to fully professional use. The professional ride on Brushcutters include features such as four-wheel drive and for the most demanding of conditions the AS940 RC, a ride on Brushcutter with 4wd that can quickly be switched to remote control mower mode when conditions are unsafe for the operator to ride on the machine.



AS Flail Mowers

Tall grass with brush growth, steep slopes, large areas in unknown territory – these mowers can handle it. AS Flail Mowers are a superior alternative to conventional rotary mowers and avoid foreign objects on the ground with ease, while chopping and distributing the cut grass and scrub perfectly. This results in high output and increased safety and is available with a choice of either a 70cm wide or 90cm walk-behind mower cutting deck.

The flagship of the AS Motor flail mower range is the AS 1040 YAK 4WD, it’s strong, robust and at home on difficult terrain.

AS-Motor’s new robust ride-on flail mower is engineered for uneven, rough and steep terrain. The AS 1040 YAK 4WD shreds grass up to 1.5 metres tall as well as brush and young saplings.  With high work rates and even more safety, the flail mower is an ideal tool for professional users such as commercial landscapers and municipal operators.


AS Mulching Mowers

The time-saving and environmentally friendly mowers! Today’s grass is tomorrow’s fertiliser. AS mulching mowers don’t just cut the grass finely; they also spray it out and chop it up at the same time. It can rot quickly, with valuable nutrients returned as an almost “invisible” fertiliser straight back into the lawn. No more tedious tidy up and cost intensive disposal.


The range of professional mulch mowers includes the AS 510 ProClip 2in1 2T A which is equipped with the world’s only 2-stroke engine that meets the requirements stipulated by the EU Emissions Directive 97/68/EC. The AS 2-stroke engine maintains engine lubrication regardless of position, enabling steep slope mowing on inclines of 40 degrees and more without the risk of engine damage. If you are looking for reliability and a professional mulching mower with a quality result then look no further than the range of AS Motor professional mulch mowers.


AS Professional Lawn Mowers

Everyone loves a beautiful, green lawn? There are however all sorts of lawns: steep or flat, with short or long grass, and uneven terrain, which all require a solution.  AS-Motor has a

mower suitable for every type of lawn and includes models with all-wheel drive, reverse gear and brake.


AS Motor Professional lawn mowers with perfect grass collection really are a professional among lawn mowers.  For example, The AS 531 4T MK is equipped with many extras and ideally suited for the care and maintenance of demanding green areas such as steep terrain and confined spaces. A mulch kit can be mounted and dismounted without tools, a feature that now comes as standard.

For grass collection mowing in any conditions the AS Motor range is the choice of the professional.


AS Chemical Free Weed Removal

Unfortunately, weeds are always in season; kerb stones, paths, car parks, athletic facilities must all be freed of weeds throughout the year.

The use of plant protection agents, such as glyphosate is strictly regulated and only permitted on certain areas for good reason. The solution to this restriction is simple; use an environmentally friendly alternative – a pure mechanical weed brush. The NEW AS 30-Weedhex 82V battery model is ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. It’s quiet, has low vibration and is exhaust fume free!

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