AS 920 Sherpa 2WD

The NEW AS 920 Sherpa 2WD Ride-On Mower - multi-purpose mowing.

Small turning radious, high ground coverage, powerful tractionL with the NEW AS 920 Sherpa 2WD you can effortlessly mow and mulch high grass and undergrowth.

Additional features of the new multi-purpose mower include:

*High grass performance

*Outstanding off-road mobility

*Engine designed for slopes

*Surfing mulch mower deck

AS 920 Sherpa 2WD:

Cutting width: 90cm

Engine: B&S 4-stroke, 2 cylinder engine

Max engine power: 20.1kw (27HP) at 3600rpm

Wheel drive speed: Hydrostatic variable, forward: 0-10.5km/h, reverse: 0-8.2km/h

Wheel size: Front 15 x 5.00-6, rear 18 x 9.50-8

Traction drive: Two-wheel drive, differential lock

Cutting height adjustmen: Central 50-105mm, 5 levels

Max ground coverage: 6500 m2/h - 9450 m2/h

Turning radius: 0.6m

Weight: 280kg

Operating dimensions: L191cm, x W98cm x H152cm

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