Super Prof

New highly efficient shredder now also available as trailed and cross-country - Take the shredder to the wood.

The New Super Prof is not just a new shredder unit, it is the re-birth of an iconic machine. In 1994 the Super Prof was Eliet's very first professional shredder unit, as well as the world's first self-driving shredder. But now more than ever before, the new Super Prof marks the start of a whole new generation of shredding.

Now more efficient, more environmentally friendly and smarter:

  • More capacity - 13cm (5") workable timber diameter
  • More return & comfort - A 30% larger infeed opening for more bulky clipping waste
  • Air-blown chips removal - 360o rotatable discharge chute that blows chips out a height of 2 metres
  • Intelligent operator communication - including machine operating hours, actual shredding hours, integrated job timer
  • Care for the environment - Eco-Eye technology automatically reduces the power to stationary when the machine isn't shredding
Shreddable timber diameter 130mm
Capacity (m³ chips/h.) 6
Weight 437kg
Blades 24 Eliet Resist™ blades /8
Infeed conveyor infeed roller Ø 156mm, height 130mm
Wheel traction ZR
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2000 x 835 x 1450mm


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