SA6 Chainsaw Sharpener

The chain sharpener SA6 sharpens automatically all types of saw chains more precisely, consistently and quickly.

The chain sharpener SA6 - The Franzen - sharpens automatically all types of saw chains such as: 1/4; .325; 3/8; 3/8 picco to .404 (sawmill chains 15mm and 20mm pitch; chipper chains and HOLTEC-Skipchains with optional attachments) more precisely, consistently and quickly.

All the necessary movements (feed, pivoting, grinding, etc.) for a satisfying experience are accomplished by the machine. There is no surveillance necessary at any point of the process. By a threefold scanner head the machine detects right and/or left teeth. Should there be several right or left teeth in a row, the machine will still operate correctly (no interruption of the process).

In case a tooth is missing, the machine automatically shuts down to avoid any damage to the chain. The last transported tooth will always be sharpened before shutdown.

Features of the Franzen:
  • In a unique, patented process the chain sharpener can sharpen the tooth as well as the rakers (depth gauge) in one cycle
  • Automatic, highly precise sharpening process, nosurveillance needed
  • The threefold scanner head senses right and left teeth precisely and aligns the grinding head accordingly
  • Also missing teeth are detected and the machine will shut down automatically, to avoid damage to the chain
  • The grinding head for the rakers (depth gauge) can be usedseparately
  • Fine tuning of both grinding cycles can be done during operation!

chains: 1/4" to .404 (15 mm & 20 mm with optional attachments)  
angle: 0° - 5° - 10° - 15° - 20° - 25° - 30° - 35° - 40° - 45° - 50°  
link-thickness: 1,1 mm to 2,0 mm (3,0 mm with optional attachments)  
power supply: 220 V / 240 V, 50 Hz (all other voltages possible)  
air requirements: 6 Bar / R 1/4" quick release  
abrasive wheels: tooth: 150 x 3,2/ 3,8/ 4,5 / 6,0 mm  
(Franzen-grinding wheels) rakers: 120 x 7 / 120 x 9 mm  
  for carbide tipped chains: diamondwheel 145 x 3,2 / 4,0 mm  
dimensions: 25.6" x 25.6" x 74.8" (depth x width x height)  
weight: ca. 200 kg (440 lbs)

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