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As our name suggests we believe in Productivity, Safety and Durability which is why all of us at PSD Groundscare pride ourselves on offering the best groundcare machines on the market, giving you outstanding performance whether it be on a steep bank, long wet grass or the thickest brush, but the machines have to be tough and durable to give you a long and problem free life span reducing your costs in replacement and downtime and it goes without saying that all the machines have to offer safety be it operator presence controls, seat switches or even low HAV's, we even have the ultimate in safety with the remote control machines.

PSD is part of the GGM Group which means we have a proven infrastructure in place to offer professional service and backup, and with the GGM retail store we are also in contact with the commercial users in our locality, this gives us the information and needs required by both the end users and dealers alike to ensure a seamless service to keep you going.

At PSD we use a network for specialist dealers who have many years experience to ensure the service you require is never far away, our dealers training is always on going with both product knowledge and service, they are all supported by our sales force with territory managers across the UK who are there to assist.

We source our machines ensuring they all comply or exceed all the stringent EU regulations including noise, vibration and emissions.

Obviously supply of the machines is just the start...with our extensive network of professional dealers across the UK who are there to offer you experienced advice, service and backup they are supported by our extensive spare parts stock, fully trained technicians and sales staff, in some cases we can even supply online spare part lookup and ordering.

Whatever your requirements we aim to be your 1st choice supplier


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